HOPE Is a Dangerous Place–True Statement!

Deb’s Dozen: HOPE’s not a typical small town–dangerous secrets, fire, and murder transpire. Jim Baton creates interesting characters, a fascinating environment, and lots of suspense in the first book, HOPE is a Dangerous Place, of his new trilogy, HOPE. So … Continue reading

Persian Betrayal a Betrayal Indeed

Deb’s Dozen: Middle East Action Heats Up. Will the Prophecy Reach Safety? Evil Afoot. Persian Betrayal is Terry Brennan’s second book in the Empires of Armageddon series. We teach all our writers to start off with an exciting first sentence … Continue reading

Ishmael Covenant–Three Empires Poised to Rise Again

Deb’s Dozen: Three lost empires poised to rise again. Their success could cause Armageddon. Terry Brennan’s new book (and series) takes us to the Middle East at a time of conflict. Ishmael Covenant tells the story that three ancient empires … Continue reading