Sea Glass Cottage Finds Love in Hope Harbor

Deb’s Dozen: Two Couples, Both Separated by Tragedy, Who Find Healing in Hope Harbor

Irene Hannon’s Hope Harbor series ranks as one of my favorites. I’m inclined to start any of the novels with great anticipation. Sea Glass Cottage fulfilled my desires for another wonderful love story set in the peaceful seaside town. Favorite characters return—Charley, the resident taco chef, artist, and philosopher; the dueling clerics, Father Murphy and Reverend Baker; and, of course, the almost human seagull pair, Floyd and Gladys.

Christi Reece arrived in Hope Harbor hoping to find what she considers her last resort—Jack Colby, whose heart she broke eleven years before. Jack, now a policeman, could care less about Christi and wants nothing to do with her … or does he?

Beth Adams befriends Christi, who learns Beth also suffers a broken heart from the loss of her son and her estrangement from her husband, Steve. She hires Christi part time to work in her gift shop, Eye of the Beholder.
And then, as always, Charley enters the lives of both women … and both men, and life in Hope Harbor gets interesting for all four people.

Hannon writes the most interesting characters and invents the most interesting circumstances for them to be involved in. Having Hope Harbor for a setting adds to the charm of the star-crossed, but sun-blessed romances. Another five star read, and, as Irene would say …

Come home to Hope Harbor—where hearts heal … and love blooms

Hope Harbor

Irene Hannon

Irene Hannon is the best-selling and award-winning author of more than fifty novels. She is the seven-time nominee and three-time winner of the RITA Award from the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and is a member of the RWA Hall of Fame. Her Hope Harbor series complements her suspense/romances set of series.

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Knit by Pendragón: a Cozy Little Tale

Deb’s Dozen: To knit with love and prayer is to share His love everywhere.

My mother knit and did counted cross-stitch and read and accomplished all those things with love. She was a wonderful woman, and I miss her terribly. While I read The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady by Sharon J. Mondragón, one of her characters, Margaret, needed to be in control much like I do. Margaret regretted not talking with her mother more before she died. Although I talked with Mom up until she couldn’t any longer, I wish I had spent more time with her during the sweet period before she went Home.

All of the women in the Heavenly Hugs Prayer Shawl Ministry have secret wishes they hope will come true. They’ve knitted for ages in the Prayer Chapel at their church. A failing church slated to be closed. The pastor, in a stroke of brilliance (or a nudge from above), suggests they take their knitting to the local mall while a volunteer paints the chapel they’d been knitting in.

From a quiet group not doing anything but knitting and praying, they become an active group that still knits and prays. They also become involved in the lives of the people who work in the mall and see them knitting. Will this activity help them surmount their own problems and concerns? Come and meet Margaret and Fran and Jane and Rose and the others. Maybe you’ll even learn to knit.
Sharon Mondragón wrote a delightful set of characters and a delightful story in which to display them. You’ll love them as much as I’ve grown to. Five stars.

Sharon J. Mondragón herself facilitates a prayer shawl ministry for a group near her home in Midlothian, Texas. She also teaches knitting. She has lived every writer’s dream of having her work made into a motion picture after it earned recognition from the Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest and ACFW.

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Murders Abound–Pursued with Hostile Intent

Deb’s Dozen: Someone murders entire families—how are they related? Now someone’s after her.

Hostile Intentby Lynette Easton concludes her Danger Never Sleeps series. Finishing the book was sad. I’m not ready to leave these characters. Lynette’s many talents include creating characters who become real to you as you’re reading. I dislike having to say goodbye to friends even when they’ve been involved in tracking murders.

Ava Jackson received an early discharge from the Navy to come home to be with her ailing mother. While deployed, she’d lost her father. She couldn’t bear the thought of not being with her mother in her mom’s last days. After visiting her mom, a man attacks her as she makes her way to her car. She fights back savagely and runs the attacker off when FBI Special Agent Caden Denning arrives to help in the nick of time.

And so starts this exciting, terrifying, unpredictable effort to find the attacker. Ava seems to be the key to the murders of three families. The FBI fears the murders will continue unless they find the commonality among the killings. Ava hides secrets; Caden hides his attraction to Ava. hey both relentlessly try to solve the puzzle and catch the killer—before the killer succeeds in his quest to get Ava.

Hostile Intent engrossed me to the point Ava and Caden’s world became my reality, and true reality hid somewhere outside their realm. Finding a book that plunges you into the middle of the characters’ lives and takes you with them on their journey is rare. Lynette Eason is one of today’s mystery/suspense/thriller writers capable of doing so. Hostile Intent rates five stars.

About Lynette

Hostile Intent+MurdersMany awards grace Lynette Eason’s shelves—three ACFW Carol Awards, the Selah Award, the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award, and the Golden Scroll Award among many others. She graduated from the University of South Carolina and obtained a master’s degree in education from Converse College. Lynette lives in South Carolina with her husband, Jack, and two children. You can learn more about Lynette at

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