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A Beauty So Rare
(by Tamera Alexander)
A Christmas Gift
(by Kathi Macias)
A Dream for Love (by Lisa Belcastro)
Adventures Under the Mango Tree: A Story of Hope in War-Torn Sudan (by Lillian Ann Klepp)
Against the Flow (by John C. Lennox)
A Husband’s Christmas Prayer (by Kathi Macias)
A Secret to Die For (by Lisa Harris)
All of Me Wants All of You (by J. Z. Howard)
All My Belongings (by Cynthia Ruchti)
A Love Like Ours (by Becky Wade)
Always Watching (by Lynette Eason)
A Matter of Trust (by Susan May Warren)
A Merry Little Christmas (by Anita Higman)
A Message to Deliver (Jeremiah Peters)
A Note Yet Unsung (Tamera Alexander)
Another Way Home (by Deborah Raney)
A Refuge at Highland Hall (by Carrie Turansky)
Arms Open Wide (by Sherri Gragg)
A Royal Christmas Wedding (by Rachel Hauck)
A Perfect Ambition (Kevin Leman & Jeff Nesbit)
A Powerful Secret (Kevin Leman & Jeff Nesbit)
A Sacred Silence (Ashlee Kinsel)
A Sky Without Stars (by Linda S. Clare)
As Waters Gone By (by Cynthia Ruchti)


Barefoot (by Sharon Garlough Brown)
Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty (by Angela Hunt)
Best Friends Forever: How Anna’s Prayer Was Answered (by Shirley Amendt)
Beyond All Dreams (by Elizabeth Camden)
Beyond I Do (by Jennifer Slattery)
Beyond the Ashes (by Karen Barnett)
Billy Graham: A Biography of America’s Greatest Evangelist (by W. Terry Whalin)
Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey (by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)
Blind Spot (by Dani Pettrey)
Brunch at the Bittersweet Café (by Carla Laureano)
Bread of Angels (by Tessa Afshar)
Brightest and Best (by Olivia Newport)
Burden of Proof (by DiAnn Mills)
Burning Sky (by Lori Benton)


Called to Protect (by Lynette Easton)
Castles of the Heart (by Hale Meserow)
Celtic Cross (by Tammy Doherty)
Chasing Secrets (by Lynette Eason)
Checkmate (by Steven James)
Christian Basics Can Deliver Us from Evil on The Soul Journey Home (by Kent & Katie Philpott)
Christmas Underdogs: A True Story about Canines, Convicts, and God’s Love for All
(by Connie Cameron)
Code of Valor (by Lynette Eason)
Cold Shot (by Dani Pettrey)
Conspiracy of Silence (by Ronie Kendig)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (by Beth K. Vogt)
Crossing Values (by Carrie Daws)
Crown of Should (by Ronie Kendig)
Currency of the Heart (by Loree Lough)


Dangerous Illusions (by Irene Hannon)
Dark Water (by Barry Napier)
Dawnlight (by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow)
Deadfall (by Robert Liparulo)
Deadlock (by DiAnn Mills)
Deadly Encounter (by DiAnn Mills)
Deadly Proof (by Rachel Dylan)
Dear God, He’s Home! (by Janet Thompson)
Deceived (by Irene Hannon)
Deep Extraction (by DiAnn Mills)
Delilah: Treacherous Beauty (by Angela Hunt)
Diamond Rings are Deadly Things (by Rachelle J. Christensen)
Doctor’s Dilemma (by Richard Mabry, MD)
Don’t Go To Bed Angry: Stay Up And Fight (by Ron & Deb DeArmond)
Double Cross (by DiAnn Mills)
Double Header (by Clarice G. James)
Drawing Near to God (by Joanne Ellison)
Driftwood Bay (by Irene Hannon)
Dynamo (by Eleanor Gustafson)


Egypt’s Sister (by Angela Hunt)
Emissary (by Thomas Locke)
Emma’s Orphans (by Loree Lough)
Esther: Royal Beauty (by Angela Hunt)
Every Crooked Path (by Steven James)
everyday matters BIBLE for women (by LLC Hendrickson Publishers Marketing)


Falcon (by Ronie Kendig)
Fatal Trauma (by Richard Mabry, MD)
Fault Lines (by Thomas Locke)
Fear Has a Name (by Creston Mapes)
Feels Like Heaven (by Vanessa Miller)
Firefly Cove (by Davis Bunn)
Five Brides (by Eva Marie Everson)
Flash Point (by Thomas Locke)
Forgiven, Favored, & Free (by Jill M. Williamson)
For Love of Eli (by Loree Lough)
Formatting e-Books for Writers (Susan K. Stewart)
For Such a Time (by Kate Breslin)
Fur Elise  (by Peggy Sue Wells)
Fury (by Steven James)


Galthain’s Bones (by Krystine Kercher)
Gather around the Amish Table (by Lucy Leid)
Glory in the Flower (by Karen Elizabeth Hann)
God Less America (by Todd Starnes)
Gone Without a Trace (by Patricia Bradley)
Grace Like Rain (by Jeff Petherick)
Grin with Grace (by Kathy Carlton Willis)
Guardians of the Heart (by Loree Lough)


Harvest of Rubies (by Tessa Afshar)
Healed, Healthy, and Whole (by Marion M. Pyle)
Healer of Carthage (by Lynne Gentry)
Healing of the Heart (by Loree Lough)
Her One and Only (by Becky Wade)
Hidden in Dreams (by Davis Bunn)
Hidden Peril (by Irene Hannon)
High Treason (by DiAnn Mills)
Home Front (by Kristin Hannah)
Home to Chicory Lane (by Deborah Raney)
Hope Harbor (by Irene Hannon)
How To Catch a Prince (by Rachel Hauck)


Interview – Curtis Riskey (by Deb Haggerty)
Interview – Cynthia Ruchti (by Deb Haggerty)
Interview – Kent & Katie Philpott (by Deb Haggerty)
Into the Deep (by Anita K. Greene)
Irish Meadows (by Susan Anne Mason)
Is Genesis History? (by Dr. Del Tackett)


Jacob’s Prayer (by Shirley Arendt)
Jesus and the Beanstalk (by Lori Stanley Roeleveld)
Journey of the Heart: Books 2-4 (by Colleen Coble)
Justice Betrayed (by Patricia Bradley)
Justice Buried (by Patricia Bradley)



Land of Silence (by Tessa Afshar)
Life After Breath (by Susan VandePol)
Light My Fire (by Susan May Warren)
Like Me or Not: Overcoming Approval Addiction (by Dawn Owens)
Live These Words (by Lucinda Secrest McDowell)
Living the Story: How the New Evangelism Can Save the Church (by Cheri Cowell)
Love Without End (by Robin Lee Hatcher)


Maggie Bright (by Tracy Groot)
Making Sense When Life Doesn’t (by Cecil Murphey)
Maybelle in Stitches (by Joyce Magnin)
Mercy’s Rescue (by Debra Holt)
Miracle in a Dry Season (by Sarah Loudin Thomas)
Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe (by Max Lucado)
Missing (by Lisa Harris)
Mist O’er the Voyager (by Naomi Musch)
Moving Target (by Lynette Eason)
Murder at the Courthouse (by A. H. Gabhart)
Murder at the Mikado (by Julianna Deering)
Murder in Disguise (by Donn Taylor)


Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon (by Tony John Barto)
No One to Trust (by Lynette Eason)
No Place to Hide (by Lynette Eason)
No Safe Place (by H. L. Wegley)
No True Justice (by H. L. Wegley)
Not by Sight (by Kate Breslin)
No Turning Back (by H. L. Wegley)
Nowhere to Turn (by Lynette Eason)


Oath of Honor (by Lynette Eason)
Once Upon a Summertime (by Melody Carlson)
One Perfect Spring (by Irene Hannon)
On Love’s Gentle Shore (by Bethany Turner)
Out of the Ruins (by Karen Barnett)
Out of the Wilderness (by Anita K. Greene)
Over Maya Dead Body (by Sandra Orchard)


Passionate Pursuit: Getting to Know God and His Word (by James Goll)
Patterns of Evidence (by Timothy Mahoney)
Permanent Vacancy (by Katy Lee)
Perfectly Abnormal (by Chris Morris)
Pharoah’s Daughter (by Mesu Andrews)
Picture Perfect Love (by Melissa McClone)
Poison Town (by Creston Mapes)
Princess Ever After (by Rachel Hauck)


Q & A with Davis Bunn (by Deb Haggerty)


Radiant After 70 (by Shirley Mitchell)
Raptor 6 (by Ronie Kendig)
Rare Earth (by Davis Bunn)
Recruits (by Thomas Locke)
Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today (by James Goll)
Renegades (by Thomas Locke)
Renew Your Hope (by Pamela Christian)
Restoring Christmas (Cynthia Ruchti)
Return to Exile (by Lynne Gentry)
Rooms (by James Rubart)
Rough Tracks (by Shelleen)
Rule of Law (by Randy Singer)
Running from a Crazy Man (by Lori Stanley Roeleveld)


Sabotaged (by Dani Pettrey)
Scraps of Evidence (by Barbara Cameron)
Seagrass Pier (by Colleen Coble)
Sea Rose Lane (by Irene Hannon)
Sensible Shoes (by Sharon Brown)
Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor (by Melanie Dobson)
Shattered (by Dani Pettrey)
Shattered by Death (by Dr. Catherine Finger)
Shenandoah Crossings (by Lisa Belcastro)
Shenandoah Dreams (by Lisa Belcastro)
Shenandoah Nights (by Lisa Belcastro)
Sidetracked (by Brandilyn Collins)
Silenced (by Dani Pettrey)
Silence in the Dark (by Patricia Bradley)
Singularity (by Steven James)
Sky Zone (by Creston Mapes)
Speaker to Speaker: The Essential Speaker’s Companion (by Kathy Carlton Willis)
Starting from Scratch (by Susan Gilbert-Collins)
St. Clair Family: Three in One (by Erin Stevenson)
Storm Front (by Susan May Warren)
Strait of Hormuz (by Davis Bunn)
Stranded (by Dani Pettrey)
Strategem (by Robin Caroll)
Stress Test (by Richard L. Mabry, M.D.)
Submerged (by Dani Pettrey)
Summer’s List (by Anita Higman)
SuperGal vs. God (by Lori Hynson)


Talon (by Ronie Kendig)
Team Us: Marriage Together (by Ashleigh Slater)
The Bones Will Speak (by Carrie Stuart Parks)
The Brothers’ Keepers (by NLB Horton)
The Christmas Blessing (by Melody Carlson)
The Daughter of Highland Hall (by Carrie Turansky)
The Debutante Queen/Snowflake Tiara (by Angela Breidenbach)
The Domino Effect (by Davis Bunn)
The Fragment (by Davis Bunn)
The Genesis Conspiracy (by Richard Hatcher)
The Golden Vial (by Thomas Locke)
The Heart’s Pursuit (by Robin Lee Hatcher)
The Inn at Ocean’s Edge (by Colleen Coble)
The Janus Journals (by H. L. Wegley)
The Jesus Experience (by Bill Myers)
The Land Lord (by Cheryl Colwell)
The Lost Castle (by Kristy Cambron)
The Masterpiece (by Francine Rivers)
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Ace Collins)
The One True Love of Alice-Ann (by Eva Marie Everson)
The Ornament Keeper (by Eva Marie Everson)
The Patmos Deception (by Davis Bunn)
The Peace Maker (by Michelle Chynowith)
The Pilgirm (by Davis Bunn)
The Promise Box (Tricia Goyer)
The Road to Testament (by Eva Marie Everson)
These Healing Hills (by Ann H. Gabhart)
The Singing Quilt (by Kathy Macias)
The Turning (by Davis Bunn)
The Witnesses (by Robert Whitlow)
They Almost Always Come Home (by Cynthia Ruchti)
Thief of Corinth (by Tessa Afshar)
Thin Ice (by Irene Hannon)
Thirst of Steel (by Ronie Kendig)
Threads of Suspicion (by Dee Henderson)
Through the Shadows (by Karen Barnett)
Tidewater Inn (by Colleen Coble)
Too Blessed to be Stressed (by Debora M. Coty)
Too Blessed to be Stressed Cookbook (by Debora M. Coty)
To the Moon and Back (by Kathi Macias)
To Wager Her Heart (by Tamera Alexander)
To Win Her Favor (by Tamera Alexander)
Trial Run (by Thomas Locke)
Trinity (by Ronie Kendig)
Troubled Waters (by Susan May Warren)
12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman (by Lane P. Jordan)
Twisted Innocence (by Terri Blackstock)
Two Roads Home (by Deborah Raney)


Undetected (by Dee Henderson)
Until My Name is Known (by Sonya Contreras)
Until the Dawn (by Elizabeth Camden)


Valley of Decision (by Lynne Gentry)
Vanished (by Irene Hannon)
Vanishing Point (by Lisa Harris)
Vendetta (by Lisa Harris)
Voice of Freedom (by H.L. Wegley)


When Camels Fly (by NLB Horton)
When Dawn Breaks (by Jennifer Slattery)
When Grace Sings (by Kim Vogel Sawyer)
When Love Called (by Travis W. Inman)
When the Morning Glory Blooms (by Cynthia Ruchti)
Where God Finds You: 40 Devotions Bringing Bible Characters to Life (by Anita Higman)
Who Am I with You? (by Robin Lee Hatcher)
Who Killed My Church? (by James Shupp)
Wildwood Creek (by Lisa Wingate)
Winter in Full Bloom (by Anita Higman)
Within My Heart (by Tamera Alexander)
Without Warning (by Lynette Eason)
Woodlawn-the Movie (by Jon & Andrew Erwin)