Undetected by Dee Henderson kept me glued to its pages

until I finished it. What a book! I’ve loved all the books Dee Henderson has written from her O’Malley series to this newest series which links back to characters from other beloved books. After reading Undetected, I discovered Henderson had … Continue reading

I can testify The Road to Testament is a winner!

Eva Marie Everson is one of my fave authors – I’ve been reading her for many years. The Road to Testament, the latest in this prolific writer’s arsenal of great Southern fiction, is one you’ll enjoy. Get yourself a glass … Continue reading

Eleanor Braddock’s Buttermilk Pie – A Beauty So Rare Itself

I promise – this is the LAST recipe. Thanks, Tamera Alexander for getting me re-hooked on Southern cooking. All y’all will REALLY want to get the book, A Beauty So Rare, so you’ll have ALL the recipes! Yum! Here’s Eleanor … Continue reading