Enraptured by Raptor 6

Capt. Dean Watters is a mess emotionally, but still on mission in Afghanistan. His memories laden with the murders of his mom and dad by his brother, along with having been tortured and forced to watch a woman he cared … Continue reading

Within My Heart (Timber Ridge Reflections) by Tamera Alexander

Tamera has done it again. With this concluding book in the Timber Ridge series, she has tied up all the loose ends, made me fall in love with her characters, and laugh and cry with them as they endeavor to … Continue reading

Humor & Horror – God (b)Less America by Todd Starnes

Humor coupled with horror – that’s the only way I can describe this book by Todd Starnes. I love Todd’s humor, e.g., when describing his mom’s anxiety at getting a recipe correct in time for a big church dinner – … Continue reading