Dear God, He’s Home!

I love this book and submitted a story to it that you will find on page 162. You will enjoy it, too – whether you have a hubby about to retire or one who has been retired for ages, you’ll … Continue reading

Trinity – Military War Dog (A Breed Apart) by Ronie Kendig

Ronie is a FaceBook friend, and I’ve avidly read everything she’s ever written and published. Like many others, I was sorry to see the “Discarded Heroes” series end, but her new three-book series about military war dogs and their handlers … Continue reading

Rare Earth by Davis Bunn is a “rare read!”

Marc Royce is a troubleshooter, and from the time he lands in the Rift Valley in Kenya, he is in trouble. He was expecting the poverty and wretchedness of the refugee camp he was sent to, purportedly to audit a … Continue reading