Life Goes On

It’s been four months since my dearly loved mom went home to Jesus. The time has passed both slowly and rapidly. I still look into what had been her room half expecting to see her there even though we’ve turned it back into a guest room. Something happens and I say to myself, “Oh, I can’t wait to tell Mom!” and then realize she isn’t there for me to tell. A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to complete something that was on my “bucket list.” I went sky-diving. Free fall and the subsequent floating by parachute were two of the most awe-inspiring events I’ve ever experienced. What joy!


I felt so close to Mom and Jesus and Glory – and marveled at His creation. We are so blessed with our lives and the world He has given us. This month my husband and I will be co-teaching a Bible Study on the Book of Romans – our church is doing this as a whole for the next few months. What a great book for me to study – the magnificent explication of God’s grace to us. For we are His solely because of His grace – what a blessing! “Amazing grace…that saved a wretch like me…was blind, but now I see.”

How wonderful to know that I am His – and to know that Mom is as well and that I’ll see her again in Heaven. Falling through the sky gave me a sense of the freedom we truly have in Jesus – that no matter the weight of life we may feel, in Him we are truly free.

Be blessed, dear ones, and be free through His grace!

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