Home Front – We don’t even know what it means…

81B0WoTU8LL._SL1500_I am writing with tears running down my face. I’ve just finished the story of a heroic soldier – a member of the National Guard who was called up to go to war in Iraq – a helicopter pilot who was a soldier through and through. Everyone needs to read this book. We need to know what it is like to be called to war – what it means to leave home and children and spouses behind – what hardships are endured – the small things that bring joy and memories of the home front. We need to know what it is like to return home to those who were left behind on the home front knowing you were forever changed.

You need to read this story of Jolene and Michael and their children, Betsy and Lulu – of Tami and Carl and their son, Seth. You need to feel the joys they felt in the ordinariness of daily life and how that daily life turned into a different kind of ordinariness on the battlefield. And you need to read the struggles of coming home.

You’ll finally have a glimmering of understanding when you finish reading and I pray you, too, have tears running down your faces at the incredible courage of the men and women of our military who serve to protect us here on the home front.

This is Kristin Hannah at her most superb – I can’t imagine what you went through as you researched this, Kristin, but I am oh so glad you did. Thank you for your service and helping us understand!

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