Murder? Or Mysterious Natural Death?

Deb’s Dozen: Was it murder? Kirby and Riley Gordan become sleuths to find out.

I have followed Danny and Wanda Pelfrey since they published their debut novel. Seeing their progress as authors has been rewarding. Solid Ground, the first novel in the Adairsville Heritage series, introduces two winsome characters. I certainly hope more books are to come soon as I didn’t want to part with this cast of somewhat quirky people, who unite to solve a mysterious death or was it murder?

Kirby and Riley Gordan, brother and sister respectively, come to Adairsville to settle their uncle’s estate. The situation turns mysterious, and they wonder if perhaps his death didn’t occur naturally. Kirby, an ex-baseball player turned cop, and Riley, his sister bound for law school, soon find themselves enmeshed in attempting to discover the reason for their uncle’s death and if someone committed murder. Along the way, the Pelfreys introduce us to more delightful characters who aid them in their quest.

The Pelfreys perfected their use of dialog through their first series and use it masterfully in Solid Ground. They’ve also learned to write realistic characters you wish were real. I loved Kirby and Riley, except I kept going back to figure out who was the brother and who the sister—their names confused me. But that’s me, forgetful at best. They both enjoy the ability to sleuth and see oddities in normal circumstance. They also show compassion and understanding for people in downtrodden circumstance.

You’ll love curling up with Solid Ground and meeting Kirby and Riley. I bet you don’t figure out the ending before you’re there. I also bet you love Adairsville and the denizens they’ve created who live there. Four stars!

About the Authors

Danny and Wanda live in Adairsville, Georgia, the scene of their two series. They write in various genres, but say they like most creating “mysteries with a message.” They also love spending time with their five grandchildren.

The Pelfreys gave me a copy of Solid Ground, but did not in any way require me to write a review.

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