A Christmas Miracle for Idaho

Deb’s Dozen: An angel teardrop, a creature fashioned from snow—blessed by Jesus himself.

Seldom have I seen a book as beautiful as Christmas in Idaho by Ray Downing. The presentation, the artwork, the paper, and the cover are stunning. In addition, the book comes with a CD containing a reading of the story by Eric Conger and the beautiful art animated as well. You will want to keep a copy of this story to read every Christmas—be you a child or a child at heart.

You see, Idaho got his name from a burlap sack Molly and Josh used as his vest when they fashioned him from snow. Little did they know the last handful of snow they patted upon his chest contained an angel’s tear. That tear caused Idaho to live and think and want to learn, especially about Christmas.

The pages that follow Idaho’s realization he was alive tell a wonderful tale. He endeavors to learn why Christmas holds such an honored place in their household. Idaho learns the story of Christmas. He meets the woodland creatures and finds a robin that perished in the cold. Sad, Idaho tears off a piece of burlap to wrap it in and carries the robin with him. One of the things he learns tells him when spring arrives, snow melts and he will disappear. So he sets out to find out as much about this world as he can before that time comes.

You will definitely want to get his book and read Idaho’s story. I am sure you will find amazement and sadness and joy within. I cannot recommend this book more highly—I wish I could award more than five stars.

Digital artist Ray Downing, Emmy winner and creator of “The Real Face of Jesus” for the History Channel, in this book, through his interests in art, science, and religion created an emotionally charged and lavishly illustrated Christmas story—a journey of discovery which questions our understanding of time and explores the possibility of immortality.

Ray graciously gave me a copy of Christmas in Idaho, but did not require me to write a review. To purchase, go to https://www.christmasinidaho.com/shop.

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