His Only Son

Deb’s Dozen: May I have the faith of Abraham to follow where God leads.
My husband and I just finished watching His Only Son, an extraordinarily powerful movie. We both just sat quietly at the end of the film, pondering the awesomeness of our God. Many of us know the story of Abraham. We know the words, we intellectually understand the meaning, but this film evoked the emotional, personal side of the story. For the first time, we lived and walked with Abraham. We viewed his life, and we felt his anguish as he walked to Mt. Moriah.
We understood the strong faith Abraham embraced despite all the obstacles placed in his way. Many of the words portrayed as spoken by Isaac and Abraham, Jesus spoke during his ministry. The film personifies the parallels between Abraham’s faith walk and Jesus’s last days. And what God said to Abraham, “because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, I will surely bless you … through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me.” What a blessing God gave us when He did not withhold His Son, His only Son. And because He did not, through His Son, we know forgiveness and hope.
What a strong message for those who went to the movie not knowing the story. To see the incredible way God acts in the lives of his people. To see Him bring good and hope out of our darkest hours. May we have the faith of Abraham as we face our valleys. We know God has been there before us, is with us now, and walks with us into the light of His hope.
I would give this movie six stars if I could. Don’t hesitate to see the film while it shows in theaters. And Angel Films provides a link for you to provide free tickets to others. You can also contribute so other theaters will carry the film. Pay It Forward–His Only Son
Biscuit Media sent me a screener of His Only Son. However, I was in no way obligated to review the film.

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