Tried for Murder; Served Her Time. Still Guilty?

Deb’s Dozen: Tried for murder, served her time. Despised by many, looking for justice.

Trace of Doubt by DiAnn Mills fascinated me. Unlike most of her other books, we meet the criminal at the onset. But this murderer, Shelby Pearce, served her time for the crime of shooting her brother-in-law and had been paroled. Coming to the small town of Valleysburg, she finds some will not allow her to peacefully start over.

One of the people most against her parole is FBI Special Agent Denton McGuire—a rookie when she was tried and convicted he investigated her case. But the murder, in his mind, was not her only crime. He suspected, but had been unable to prove, she had embezzled five hundred thousand dollars from her brother-in-law’s account—money earmarked to be sent to African orphans.

Shelley begins to receive death threats; Denton finds he cares for her and decides to help protect her. And the drama takes over, with twists and turns to the very end. Mills writes her characters with care to ensure they come alive in the readers’ imaginations. You will be intrigued by Shelby and come to admire her. You will agonize with Denton as he finds his heart and his job at cross purposes. Although not the most complex of Mills’s books, Trace of Doubt will capture you and keep you reading. I loved the story. Four and a half stars.

Suspense and mysteryDiAnn Mills, a prolific author who has been awarded many honors—two Christy Awards and finals for the RITA, Carol, Golden Scroll, and awards—as well as placed on the CBA and ECPA best-seller lists. She loves coffee, quite the aficionado, and roasts her own beans. She and her husband live in Houston, Texas.

Tyndale Books gave me a copy of Trace of Doubt, but did not require me to write a review.


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