History and Romance Embue Split Time Novel

Deb’s Dozen: Old diaries lead to discoveries, love, history and romance.

Sloane Kelley, abandoned at birth, desperately wants to belong and to be loved. When an unwanted contribution to her museum reveals a nineteenth century diary, she embarks on a journey that leads to history and romance. The diaries intrigue her and cause her to step outside her comfort zone and become involved in the lives of Garrett and Lauren Anderson.

Garrett Anderson, well-organized and pragmatic, just wants to get his aging grandmother out of her house and into a home where she will be cared for. His sister, Lauren, on the other hand, wants to keep her grandmother in the beautiful but rundown ancient house. History and romance interest one but not the other. When Garrett brings in real estate agent Kimberly Walsh, the tension between them heats up–will she destroy their close relationship?

The diary brings the three together as they search for more journals written by Annabelle those many years before. Twists and turns, starts and stops hinder and help their discoveries of history and romance. All three learn to know themselves better and to treasure the memories of the past. Will Sloane find her history and her mother? Will Garrett realize life encompasses more than logic? Will Lauren realize her grandmother needs more care than she can give? I had a great time finding out. Four stars.

About the Author

history and romanceAmanda Wen lives in Wichita, Kansas, with her husband and three children. Roots of Wood and Stone is her debut novel and the first in the Sedgwick County Chronicles, which promise more history and romance.

Kregel Publications gave me a copy of this book but writing a review was not a requirement. And as an Amazon Associate, I may receive a small commission from any sales resulting from this review.

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