Drawing Near to God – Joanne Ellison

Joanne EllisonJoanne wrote Drawing Near to God because she was teaching Bible studies all over Charleston – her vision was a community-wide Bible study. She had written over 13-14 of her own studies – some topical, some on Bible books (www.JoanneEllison.com). Always the studies centered on life application.

She had no intention of writing Drawing Near to God. She was cutting and pasting “snippets” from her Bible studies and found that she had a large quantity, so she eventually decided to do 365 for a year-long devotional study.

The “snippets” are comprised of Bible history, Bible study, devotionals, story-telling, and always life application. She hopes these vignettes will draw people deeper into God’s Word and her prayer is that people will be vulnerable and open to the Word.

Joanne said writing this book changed her. “I used to study to teach. Now I let the Word study me.”

Drawing Near to God can be used as a daily devotional or used as a group Bible study of any length.

Most folks don’t know that Joanne is a dancer and formerly danced with a ballet troupe in Charleston. Today she uses her talent as a liturgical dancer in church.

You can reach her at www.JoanneEllison.comDrawing Near to God is a must buy – must study!

12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman

12 Tips to Becoming a More Organized Woman
Lane P. Jordan’s 12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman has been revised and republished to bring the tips up-to-date. I was hopeful when I began to read the updated edition. I find myself often disorganized and distracted and yearn for a system to follow that will solve my problems.

This was a very different book and focus. Jordan draws a woman who takes care of all aspects of her life by drawing closer to the Lord Jesus and His teaching. She touches on the relationships we have – social, family, children, self — but mostly spiritual.

Initially disappointed not to find a “how to” book, I was pulled into the depths of what could be — IF I properly order my spiritual life.

While this book won’t tell you anything about “organization” that you don’t already know, it will help you organize yourself and your tasks so you can put Jesus first in your life and your home. After all, our priorities should be God first, family second, all else third.

I was given a copy of this book by Hendrickson Publishers for review purposes.

Submerged, Shattered, and Stranded

SubmergedWhat else could possibly happen?

Dani Pettrey has a series in play that’s every bit as exciting as watching the Red Sox win the World Series. You will want to add Dani’s three, soon to be four, books to your must read list – all are 5-star material.

Submerged marks Bailey Craig’s return to Alaska – a place she fled from years before – to bury a beloved aunt who’d been killed in a plane crash. But all is not as it seems and soon Bailey and former love of her live, Cole McKenna, are embroiled in a mystery investigation as the body count rises. Will they solve the mystery or will they, and it, remain submerged?

ShatteredShattered, Dani’s second novel in the Alaska series, leaves the McKenna family shattered when their prodigal brother’s return leads to his arrest for murder. Deputy Landon Grainger knows the McKennas, but his boss is pushing him to solve the case and charge the most likely suspect. Pursuing the truth puts his job in jeopardy as the impetuous Piper McKenna begins her own investigation determined to exonerate her brother. The two follow clues deep into the back country and although their long friendship may be turning into something deeper, the case is becoming deadlier at every turn.

StrandedStranded brings Bailey Craig back to Alaska to help her former partner solve a mystery. But when she arrives, her partner is missing. She’d sworn off investigative journalism, but Abby’s plea for help was something she could not refuse. As she boards the cruise ship, she runs into Cole McKenna, her long ago boyfriend – his company has been hired to provide Extreme Adventures for the guests of the cruise line. Their relationship, once deepening, becomes strained as Cole is convinced that Bailey is once again the penultimate investigative journalist – no matter who gets hurt. The entire McKenna clan gets involved, but will the key players be left stranded?

This series is a must read! You’ll want all of the books now and will be anxiously awaiting the release of the fourth. Dani Pettrey has a hit with the Alaskan Courage Series!