Hidden in Dreams by Davis Bunn

Hidden in DreamsHidden in Dreams is pure Davis Bunn! A really likable character with an interesting dilemma, some really disreputable villains, and the knight in white armor to save the day.

Dr. Elena Burroughs has written a book on dream interpretation that is being attacked by other experts including one who demolished her during a debate. Her sister, Rachel, comes to her for help – a rare if ever occurrence, telling her of subjects in a clinical trial that are all having the same dream – she is skeptical at the least – patients who all have the same dream? And then she begins to have that dream – and the consequences could spell the end of economies around the globe. Elena, Rachel, her nemesis, Dr. Jacob Rawlings, and her boss, Reed Thompson begin a journey through doubt, danger, and double-cross. I couldn’t put it down!

Davis takes current conditions and puts a conspiracy spin on them while enthralling and entangling us in his web of words. Hidden in Dreams is 4.5 stars out of five in my book and a must read if you like a fantastic mystery with lots of twists and turns and hairpin curves.

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