Genesis Conspiracy – Richard Hatcher

Genesis Conspiracy

What if evidence existed to prove the true origin of life on earth? What lengths would the antagonists on opposite sides of the evolution/creation theories go to to seize that evidence?

Hatcher pens a plausible premise based on this theory. Jake Evers, a paleontologist who seems and acts more like a secret agent (or is he one?) rescues a woman from a storm and from men shooting at her. He discovers that Katie Petrovich is the granddaughter of a Soviet dissident who went missing decades before.

In true hero fashion, Jake sets out to solve the mystery and get the girl.

I found the initial parts of the story confusing as Hatcher jumps from hero, to ally (perhaps), to enemy, almost every chapter and sometimes within a chapter to get all his characters into play.

Persevere! The story is well worth reading and the ending surprising…could it be true?

The Genesis Conspiracy rates 4 stars with a strong recommendation to read and savor it.

I was given a copy of this book for review purposes.

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