Drawing Near to God – Joanne Ellison

Joanne EllisonJoanne wrote Drawing Near to God because she was teaching Bible studies all over Charleston – her vision was a community-wide Bible study. She had written over 13-14 of her own studies – some topical, some on Bible books (www.JoanneEllison.com). Always the studies centered on life application.

She had no intention of writing Drawing Near to God. She was cutting and pasting “snippets” from her Bible studies and found that she had a large quantity, so she eventually decided to do 365 for a year-long devotional study.

The “snippets” are comprised of Bible history, Bible study, devotionals, story-telling, and always life application. She hopes these vignettes will draw people deeper into God’s Word and her prayer is that people will be vulnerable and open to the Word.

Joanne said writing this book changed her. “I used to study to teach. Now I let the Word study me.”

Drawing Near to God can be used as a daily devotional or used as a group Bible study of any length.

Most folks don’t know that Joanne is a dancer and formerly danced with a ballet troupe in Charleston. Today she uses her talent as a liturgical dancer in church.

You can reach her at www.JoanneEllison.comDrawing Near to God is a must buy – must study!

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