I can testify The Road to Testament is a winner!

Road to TestamentEva Marie Everson is one of my fave authors – I’ve been reading her for many years. The Road to Testament, the latest in this prolific writer’s arsenal of great Southern fiction, is one you’ll enjoy. Get yourself a glass of ice-cold sweet tea, find a comfortable rocking chair, and sit back to enjoy Ashlynne’s journey from up-scale Winter Park, FL – where she is known for her work on Parks & Avenues, a posh local magazine – to Testament, NC, for six months – where she is slated to be a little fish in an even littler pond working as a reporter on the local paper.

Ashlynne thought the summons to her grandmother’s office was to announce that Constance was retiring, Ashlynne’s dad was being promoted to Editorial Director, and that she, Ashlynne Rothchild, was being promoted to Editor-in-Chief. To her shock and dismay, she found she was being “banished” to Testament, NC, a tiny town in the mountains, to work for the local paper run by friends of her grandmother – she was to learn the business and perhaps restart a magazine her grands had started years before, as well as to learn some “people” skills.

With no choice but to obey if she ever wanted her dream job, Ashlynne headed off to NC in her Jaguar filled with designer clothes and shoes to begin her sentence…

Running afoul of her new boss the first day on the job, Ashlynne cannot begin to imagine what the weeks ahead will bring her. No spoilers here. You’ll have to read the book to find out about Ashlynne, Rob, Will, Brianna, Alma – their adventures, mysteries, and even a scandal. Be sure and have plenty of sweet tea on hand – you won’t want to leave your rocking chair until you’ve finished!

I was given a copy of The Road to Testament by Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

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