Silenced, but far from silent…

BHP_Silenced_Keyline_approved.inddKayden loved to climb. She loved the feeling of the stone under her fingers, finding the right toe hold, the next cleft in the rock, conquering the mountain. She never expected to crest a ridge and find a body – a dead body. With that discovery, the McKenna clan springs into action – from the air rescue off the mountain to discovering that the climber had not fallen to his death, but had been murdered.

With the once mysterious Jake “Westin” Cavanaugh deputized by newly-elected sheriff, Landon, Kayden sets out to solve the crime. She’s the climbing expert and he’s the sleuth. Is the culprit her ex-boyfriend? Is it the deceased’s wife – or his best friend? How about a spurned mistress? The web seems tangled beyond salvation, but Kayden and Jake persevere.

This may be my favorite of Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage books. She has me from the first sentence and kept me captivated to the end – the twists and turns were an adventure to read. You’ll want to read Silenced, but also, Submerged, Shattered, and Stranded!

I was given a copy of Silenced by Bethany House for my unbiased review.


Silenced, but far from silent… — 2 Comments

  1. Deb, what a fun review! I love that Silenced may be your favorite in the series. Thank you for your wonderful help in sharing about Dani’s books- we’re thankful for you! ~Amanda

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