The Singing Quilt – Kathy Macias – (The Quilt Series)

Macias Book Review

Kathy Macias is a prolific writer who’s written 35 books at the time of this writing. Her first successful series was the “Matthews” series of mystery novels. I asked her why she chose to write The Quilt Series. She said that she’d been working on books that on heavy topics (Red Ink among others) and wanted to write something a bit “softer.” The Quilt Series is based on the stories of three strong women: Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D., Harriett Tubman, and Fanny Crosby. The Doctor’s Christmas Quilt focuses on the pro-life conflict and is about a doctor who is very pro-life whose daughter becomes pregnant out of wedlock. The Moses Quilt focuses on bridging the racial and generational divides.

The Singing Quilt is based on the backdrop of the life of Fanny Crosby. I knew Ms. Crosby wrote lots of hymns, but did not know that she was the first woman to address the U.S. Senate and was heavily involved in the abolitionist movement – her blindness never impeded her as she went about the Lord’s calling on her life. Fanny’s courage inspired another young woman – Jolissa Montoya, a shy, young Hispanic girl, believes God is calling her to work with disadvantaged children in the inner city and is convinced it is impossible until one day she is shown The Singing Quilt. I was convicted yet again that nothing – lack of knowledge, fear, a disability – real or perceived – can keep God from fulfilling His purposes through us if we are willing. You will love Jolissa’s story!

I asked Kathy to tell me something that her myriad readers might not know about her – she said she had written two books with Rosey Grier, one fiction and one non-fiction, but when they went to conferences or events, the press surrounded Rosey and basically ignored Kathy. A sharp media person finally noticed her on one occasion and asked Rosey who she was – that huge ex-football player said she was his bodyguard!

Kathy has recently accepted the post of Senior Editor for Elk River Publishing – she said she’d decided to basically “retire” and then this opportunity came along. I’m so happy her talents will still be used to guide aspiring writers through the publishing process.

I was given a copy of The Singing Quilt by New Hope Publishers for my unbiased review.

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