A man, a horse, redemption, and God’s power – awesome!

Deb’s Dozen: God’s power manifested in a new believer – a dynamo of faith. Awesome!

Recently I was in the New Hampshire mountains at the New England Christian Writers’ Conference. My good friend, Cyndi McDowell, had insisted that I come – that I would find my “people” here. She was so right – I reconnected with some friends I’d not seen for a long time. I found some new friends who live in the area. I heard some incredible speakers and met some wonderful writers.

One of the writers is Eleanor Gustafson – when she heard I reviewed books here on my blog, she asked if I’d be willing to review her book – Dynamo – if she gave me a copy. I, of course, agreed to read the book, but made no promises about the review. Understand, I don’t post reviews of books that I don’t like – so not every book I receive gets a review.

Am I happy that Eleanor gave me her book – Dynamo is the most spell-binding, I-couldn’t-put-the book-down-and stayed-up-all-night-reading book I’ve had the pleasure to read in years! The writing is superb. The story is captivating. The characters are believable. God’s power is evident.

The main character, Jeth, just got out of prison and is struggling. He has no sense of belonging or of hope. The woman he loves is forbidden to see him – he drives off through the Pennsylvania countryside with no real destination. Losing his way, he comes upon Morningstar Farm – and stops because of the horses and the jump course he sees. Rob and Katie Chilton take him in and so begins Jeth’s rehabilitation. Still on parole, he must meet Rob’s conditions of no drinking, swearing, and smoking in order to stay. He must go to church with them on Sundays – and he has to work hard to be able to ride. And he so wants to ride – he’s ridden jumpers almost since he could walk. And then there’s Dynamo – a black stallion with a temper and a five-gaited pace. How Jeth and Dynamo become a dynamic duo will draw you in until you’re lost in the drama of the story. And throughout the book, the most powerful character is God – a God who has laid hold of Jeth and won’t let go. But then He does say that once we’re His, He’ll never leave us nor forsake us, doesn’t He?

In my book, Dynamo deserves 5-plus stars – you’ll definitely want to get and read the book – liking horses is not a requirement although you’ll love that part of the story as well.

Eleanor is a delightful woman. Here’s how she describes herself on her website, www.EleanorGustafson.com:

What have I done in life? Everything from being a minister’s wife, teacher, musician, writer, and encourager, to horses, building houses, tree farming, and making maple syrup – all of which has been helpful fodder for writing fiction. My passion is God, and then comes loving people and writing. My favorite books are the Bible, Jane Eyre, and Pride and Prejudice. My music of choice is classical – it feeds my soul. However, wherever worship is going on in whatever musical language, I’m there—happily.


I am looking forward to reading another of Eleanor’s books, The Stones, about King David. If that book is even half as well written as Dynamo, I’m in for a treat!

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