Scraps of Evidence lead to a Quilt of Crime – Barbara Cameron

Deb’s Dozen: 12-Word Summaries – St. Augustine, Florida. A serial killer. Two cops in love. Machiavelli loses.

Tess Villanova, brand-new detective after working as a street cop for years, has spent most of those years looking for her roommate Samantha’s killer. Assigned a partner on her first day in her new job, Tess finds that not only is Logan McMillan new to Florida from Chicago, he’s also drop-dead (pardon the pun) gorgeous! Instant chemistry between the two partners bodes a careful walk while on duty. Their first call-out is to Tess’ retired English teacher, Mrs. Ramsey – who frequently calls in a break-in because she can’t find the necklace her husband gave her long ago.

Following a nice conversation with Mrs. Ramsey, who also takes a shine to Logan, the pair get called to the site of a murder – someone else Tess knows, and who is known to the receptionist for the PD. Even more disturbing is the signs at the scene indicate the serial killer may have returned. Tess and Logan are hot on the trail even as things get hot between them.

Cameron leads her detectives and her readers on a convulted chase through the clues that lead them to the killer. We know at the start that they will capture the killer and be in love, but how they accomplish this is the stuff from which Cameron weaves an excellent mystery. You’ll fall in love with Tess and Logan and want to devour their story!

Barbera Cameron has written more than 35 fiction and non-fiction books. She has also been the screenwriter of three nationally-televised movies. She won the first Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. Barbara lives currently in Edgewater, FL. You can learn more about her at and

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