Best Books for 2014

Deb’s Dozen: Best of the Best Books for 2014. To Read and To Enjoy!

In alphabetical order, because I can’t choose one over the other, are my favorite books of 2014. Click on the book cover if you’d like to add to your own collection. Enjoy reading!

A Beauty So Rare – Tamera Alexander

Burning Sky –  Lori Benton

Dynamo – Eleanor Gustafson

Emissary – Thomas Locke

Exiles – R. J. Larson

Fur Elise – Peggy Sue Wells

Miracle in a Dry Season – Sarah Loudin Thomas

Raptor 6 – Ronie Kendig

Road to Testament, The – Eva Marie Everson

Running from a Crazy Man – Lori Roeleveld

Shenandoah Nights – Book 1

Shenandoah Crossings – Book 2

Shenandoah Dreams – Book 3 – Lisa Belcastro

Sky Zone – Creston Mapes

The Turning – Davis Bunn

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