Dying mother’s last request sends orphaned farm boy on a quest.

Deb’s Dozen:12-Word Summary-Dying mother’s last request sends orphaned farm boy on a quest – Emissary!

Fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres, although, until recently, I’d not read much of note. The Emissary, by Thomas Locke, has shot to the top of my list of favorites. Clean, crisp writing paired with descriptions that pull you into the environment make this a very enjoyable novel.

Hyam’s dying mother had one last request—tell your father that I am gone. Hyam’s father had left them years ago to reside in the Three Valley’s Long Hall, residence of what remained of wizardry and magic. Hyam himself had spent five long years there and had no fond memory of the experience. But obey his mother’s wish as he had promised, he would do—Hyam was honorable if nothing else.

When he arrives, he’s told his father’s been dead for four years—and wasn’t his father, nor his mother his mother. The Mistress of the Hall sends him to another hall to seek the mage, Trace. And so begins Hyam’s epic journey of danger and disbelief and destiny.

The story so enthralled me that I dreamt about Hyam’s adventures and woke myself up—only to read to the wee hours until I had finished. As I loved Hyam and Trace and Joelle, I am delighted to tell you this is merely the start of the adventures. The Emissary stands by itself, though, with a beginning and a conclusion—unlike many series that leave you hanging.

If you love a rollicking adventure, with romance and danger involved, you’ll love The Emissary as I do. Although a fantasy story, Locke writes with such assurance that you’ll almost believe in a new reality. Five stars – be sure to pick up a copy and enjoy!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

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