Modern medicine collides with 3rd-century Carthage

Deb’s Dozen:12-Word Summary–Modern medicine collides with 3rd-century Carthage. Lost faith, lost mother, found love.

Lisbeth Hastings, newly-minted physician, unsettled after her misdiagnosis of a baby’s condition results in the child’s death, flees to her father in the at his archeological dig in the Aqaba Pass.

Her father, even after many years, still searches for his wife who disappeared in the vicinity of the Cave of the Swimmers – a cave with drawings of swimmers on the wall.

Lisbeth tries to dissuade her dad from the search, but he insists he can sense her mother near. When Lisbeth goes to get her dad for dinner, she comes across an apparition resembling her mother near the entrance of the cave. Entering the cave the following day, Lisbeth notices a “family” of three figures and touches the red, middle figure – that of a child.

Instantly the floor of the cave disintegrates, and Lisbeth finds herself, falling, falling … and wakes up on the slave block in ancient Carthage.

Lisbeth is rescued from sure ownership by the proconsul by handsome citizen Cyprian Thacius. Taken to his estate, Ruth, the local Christian bishop’s wife befriends her and tries to make her comfortable.

Lisbeth struggles to understand the how and what and why of her situation and also finds … her mother.

How they interact, how they apply principles of modern medicine, and how they labor in a battle against a deadly epidemic forms the framework for the marvelous story of time travel and faith. Lisbeth struggles with both her situation with her mother and her personal faith.

Healer of Carthage is a well-written novel with a well-developed depth to its characters and the environment of the ancient city. One can picture Carthage of the third century and learn about the society of that time. I was enthralled by the story and devoured the pages quickly. Gentry has also written a sequel, Return to Exile, that will release in 2015.

Lynne Gentry’s novels have been finalists in contests with American Christian Fiction Writers and with WestBow Press. She is a professional acting coach, theater director and playwright with several full-length musicals to her credit. She is also a pastor’s wife and the mother of two grown children – and she is obviously an extremely talented writer.

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