Is a lost love worth a Return to Exile?

Deb’s Dozen:12-Word Summary–Back to the future, love left in the past. Can love triumph?

To enable her daughter and son to escape the clutches of the evil proconsul, Aspasius, Lisbeth Hasting’s mother, Magdalena, attempts to send them all back to the future. However, soldiers seize Laurentius, so Magdalena forces Lisbeth to go by herself.

Lisbeth, pregnant with Cyprian’s daughter, survives the trip. She becomes a specialist in the area of merging natural and modern medicine. She also becomes an expert on 3rd-century Rome. When her father comes across an ancient text that indicates Cyprian was beheaded, Lisbeth decides she must go back to see if she can rescue him.

Cyprian has lost all—his freedom and the love of his life. The advent of a new emperor in Rome makes Cyprian decide to return to Carthage to see if he can pick up the pieces and help the fledging Christian Church.

When her daughter, Maggie, comes with her by mistake, and with Carthage still in the throes of an epidemic, Lisbeth finds her return very difficult and perhaps deadly. Will the time apart have destroyed the love she left behind? Will he love their daughter? How will Maggie adapt? Will the medicines she brought with her stave off the epidemic?

Return to Exile continues the adventures of Lisbeth Hastings Thracius, her husband, Cyprian, her mother, Magdalena, and the story of ancient Carthage.

Lynne Gentry gets better and better – this time she threw in a couple of twists I was not in any way expecting, but which greatly added to my enjoyment of the novel. I devoured this one as I did the first in The Carthage Chronicles, Healer of Carthage. Another five star book to her credit!

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I was given a copy of Return to Exile by Howard Books for my candid review.

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