Twisted Innocence not much of a Twist

Deb’s Dozen – Loss of innocence, an innocent baby, father a murderer? Drugs, death, danger!

Holly Cramer has always been the party girl, playing her way through life until a one-night-stand results in pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Lily. Chastened by the consequences of her behavior, Holly has attempted to set her life straight by driving a taxi and working for her brother-in-law’s P.I. Firm. Still, she can barely make ends meet.

Mugged by a fare, her billfold and money stolen, Holly teeters on desperation again. Then the baby’s father, Creed Kershaw, enters the picture, as does Howard Miller – the drug lord believed to gunned down several members of her family. Could things possibly get any worse? Will Holly’s fragile faith take her through this trauma? What will happen to Lily now that her father’s in the picture?

Terri Blackstock leads us through curves and chaos in Twisted Innocence, the third book in The Moonlighters Series. Although the book supposedly stands alone, unless you’ve read the first two books, you’ll be confused by the characters and find them very ill-drawn. The plot, although twisty, is predictable as is the ending.

I’ve loved Terri Blackstock’s writing for years and have read many of her other series. However, I was disappointed by this book — seemingly written just to tie-up the loose ends in the series. I rarely write a review when I dislike a book, but unless you have recently read Truth Stained Lies and Distortion so that you know the back-story, you’ll be disappointed.

Three stars–hope the next series is better.

Zondervan gave me a copy of Twisted Innocence for my candid review.


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