Running from a Hurtful Past — To a Marvelous Future

Deb’s Dozen: Euthanasia, Trial, Conviction, A New Life, Another Death, False Accusation, Redemption, Happiness.

All My Belongings by Cynthia Ruchti tells the story of Becca Morrow aka Jayne Dennagee. Jayne’s father was convicted of mercy-killing her mother, who was dying of ALS—along with many other people in similar situations. To escape his reputation and the recognition that her last name held in people’s eyes, Jayne changes her name to Becca Morrow. Her good friend, Geneva, convinces her to go to California to care for her sister, Aurelia, who is dying from Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Aurelia’s son, Isaac, cannot manage the care of his mother himself and welcomes Becca into their lives.

I read the book in manuscript form first. As I wrote to Cynthia, “I couldn’t put All My Belongings down—I was enraptured and caught up in the words, in the feelings. I loved the romance and the mystery and the beauty of God’s grace and love that overarched the story. I know just how Becca felt with Aurelia—and with her dad. This was such a blessing.”

I wrote those words because I could empathize with Isaac—my dad died from Alzheimer’s and heart failure. I could empathize with Becca, not because of what her father had done, but because she cared for him until he passed away—naturally—from his cancer. However, I couldn’t write the review after the book came out until now. You see, I cared for my mom in my home until she died. This book hit home for me way too hard after Mom’s death. But healing takes place, albeit slowly, after the death of a loved one. There is such beauty in God’s grace and love. Reading the book for the second time was indeed such a blessing.

I urge you to buy and read Becca and Isaac’s story. You will love the romance and be blessed by the outcome. There are indeed several love stories in All My Belongings—you’ll enjoy all of them. And Cynthia writes so beautifully. You will be captured by her characters and delighted with her descriptions. Five stars—and counting.

Cynthia has over fourteen published books, with contracts for more. Her books have been recognized by the Selah Awards, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, Christian Retailing’s BEST Awards, and she has received a Carol Award nomination. She and her husband live in Wisconsin where they enjoy their three children and five grandchildren.

Abingdon Press gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my candid review.

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