Dirty cops, deaf son, abusive spouse. Run, Dani, run! Nowhere to Turn.

Deb’s Dozen: Dirty cops, deaf son, abusive spouse. Run, Dani, run! Nowhere to Turn

Dani Harding has had enough—she’s taking her deaf son, Simon, and running away. Kurt has abused her for the last time. But the day she decides to run, Kurt is killed in a shooting. Dani thinks she and Simon are finally safe—but are they? Seemingly Kurt has taken and hidden something that the bad guys really want. And now Dani is running again. Not only from them, but from her brother-in-law, Stuart, who is all but stalking her. He sees getting Dani as finally winning the competition against his dead brother.

Dani runs to Operation Refuge and hires Adam Buchanan to help her as she and Simon run for their lives. Adam is entranced by Dani and her story and endeavors to protect her and Simon. But somehow, the bad guys keep finding them ….

Nowhere to Turn is one of Lynette Eason’s best. I kept thinking that I had the plot all figured out, but she kept throwing me curves. I stayed up until 2 a.m. to finish the book—and what a denouement! You will want to get this one as well as the first book in the Hidden Identity series, No One to Trust, so that you’ll be all caught up before her next book in the series, No Place to Hide releases this summer.

You’ll like Dani and her son, Simon, who is a math genius. You’ll also like Adam and Operation Refuge. Eason has the ability to create totally believable characters who grab at your heartstrings at the same time you’re impressed with their courage.

Lynette Eason is a best-selling author with two previous series to her credit, Women of Justice and Deadly Reunions. Learn more about Lynette at www.lynetteeason.com

Revell Books gave me a copy of Nowhere to Turn in exchange for my candid review.

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