A Love Like Ours can heal all wounds.

Deb’s Dozen: Childhood friends time and war separated. Will time and God heal them?

Lyndie and Jake were best buddies. They did everything together from skipping rocks (well, Jake did. Lyndie couldn’t get the hang of it) to rescuing animals. Then Lyndie’s family moved to California and Jake’s stayed in Texas. Their childhood friendship was torn apart.

Time passed. Lyndie became an artist and publisher of children’s books. She also followed her lifelong love of horses and became an exercise rider and jockey. Jake went to Irag and lived through having his Humvee and three of his men blown up by an IED. He came home haunted by the ghosts of that past to training thoroughbreds for his brother at Whispering Creek Ranch.

Then Lyndie’s family moved back. They were very different people now—she and Jake. Would Lyndie be able to break through Jake’s shell? Would Jake allow himself to live again? What did Silver Leaf mean to them both?

What a wonderful novel of friendship and thoroughbreds and redemption! I loved Jake and Lyndie’s story in A Love Like Ours and was intrigued by the depth of information about PTSD—hard to visualize what the guys who’ve served in combat have seen and continue to see after they’ve come home. This is a story about faith, and friendship, and trust, and love. You will be as touched by the characters as I. Becky Wade has created a believable word peopled with characters you’ll wish lived next door. I really didn’t want the story to end. Five stars – well done, Becky!

Becky Wade has lived in both California and Texas. She writes wonderful Christian contemporary romance and has won both the Carol Award and the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award. Get to know more about Becky at www.beckywade.com.

Thanks to both Bethany House and the Litfuse Publicity Group for a copy of A Love Like Ours in exchange for my candid review.

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