Makayla’s Heart is a Miracle of Healing by Dell Hyssong/Holly Weiss

Deb’s Dozen: Great expectations—a child born. Disaster strikes—tumors in heart and brain.

Dell Hyssong and his family have been an important part of our lives for over twenty-five years. Dell was our pastor at The York Gospel Center in York, PA—I served as his secretary and office manager for several years. Dell left to pastor the Rockport Baptist Church in Rockport, ME. A few years later, God called The Hyssongs to a full-time gospel music ministry. Dell, his wife, Susan, and their son, Richard, perform over 250 times a year all up and down the East Coast and into Canada. Click on this link, The Hyssongs, for more information about their ministry.

Richard and his wife, Kelly, joyfully anticipated the birth of their first child. On July 19, 2008, their daughter, Makayla, was born and they rejoiced! Shortly after her birth, as Dell watched through the nursery window, they could tell something was wrong. After a few days and many doctors, they were told that Makayla had tubular sclerosis, a disease that caused multiple tumors. In Makayla’s case, the tumors were in her heart and brain. In fact, one heart tumor was blocking seventy-five percent of the blood from flowing through the aorta. The doctors told the family that she wouldn’t survive, or if she did, she would be grossly disabled.

But God’s people prayed. Miracles began happening. Lives were changed. To read Makalya’s story, and learn about the life of a traveling ministry, buy and read this book–told from her grandfather’s perspective. Dell and his co-author, Holly Weiss, weave a wonderful web of words to describe what they went through and how they weathered the storm.

Buy Makayla’s Heart: Moment by Moment, read it with tissues at hand, and share Makayla with others. You’ll be glad you did and greatly blessed!

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