Fatal Trauma by Richard Mabry, MD is a killer!

Deb’s Dozen: Zeta drug cartel wreaks revenge. Alpha and Omega’s in control: Romans 8:28.

You can count on Richard Mabry’s novels to have three things: medicine and doctors are involved, there is a romance, and there is suspense. Fatal Trauma didn’t disappoint in those three arenas. The action begins in the ER of a Dallas hospital. A gun-waving drugged-up man pushes a wheelchair in through the doors demanding treatment for his brother who’s been shot—everybody dies if he doesn’t get help. ER doctor, Mark Baker, and ER nurse, Kelly Atkinson, and the rest of the staff are definitely in harm’s way. They can tell the victim is already dead, but have to attempt treatment until help arrives. A cop in the next cubby hears them talking, comes in and tells the gunman to give it up—whirling around, the man shoots and the patrolman shoots back, killing the gunman. All this action in the first six pages of the book!

Dr. Baker and Nurse Atkinson hear from the police that these men were probably with the Zetas, a drug cartel from Mexico that’s been moving north. The Zetas have a habit of killing anyone involved in the death of one of their own.

Twists and turns abound on every page. Are the detectives on the case clean or dirty? Does the hospital administrator have something against Mark or is he just protecting the hospital. Is the other ER doctor friend or foe? How about Tracy, Kelly’s best friend—is she wrapped up in this?

You’ll be intrigued all the way to the end AND you’ll never figure out the ending until Mabry tells you. Great job, Dr. Mabry – four stars!

Richard Mabry, MD, is a retired physician who writes, in his words, “medical suspense with heart.” He and his wife live in Texas, excuse me, northern Texas. For more information and to find out about his other books, go to Richard Mabry, MD.

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Thanks to Abingdon Press and the Litfuse Publicity Group for giving me a copy of Fatal Trauma in exchange for my candid review.

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