Summer’s List- Adventure or Albatross? Anita Higman

Deb’s Dozen: A dying grandmother, a long-lost friend. What does God have in mind?

Summer Snow hasn’t had an easy life. Her parents had been injured in an accident, so Summer gave up college to care for them. Then they died, but she still had her beloved granny’s bookstore to run. Then there’s her social life–two engagements, no marriage. After breaking up with soon-to-be-senator Elliot Whitfield, she runs to Granny for consolation only to find that Granny’s congestive heart failure has run its course and she will soon be gone. Summer is devastated! How can she live without the last person in the world she loves and who loves her?

Granny is at peace, but asks Summer to do something for her. She has written a list of things that she wants Summer to do before she’s gone. Somewhat reluctantly, Summer agrees. The first thing on the list is to find her childhood friend, Martin Langtree.

Off Summer goes on her adventures. I loved the characters of Summer and her Granny. Summer seems very real in her feelings and thoughts. I admired her for breaking up with Elliot instead of being seduced by the promise of success and wealth. Her feelings for Granny mimic the love I had for my mom–you will find them very heartfelt.

This is a great summer read–Summer’s List will captivate you and make you smile–wonderful things to happen on a beautiful summer day. Four stars.

To buy Summer’s List, click on the link: Summer’s List

Thanks to Litfuse Publicity Group and River North Fiction for a copy of Summer’s List in exchange for my candid review.

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