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Deb’s Dozen: Your blog represents you. Punctuation, usage, and grammar errors damage your professionalism.

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I’ve never had a guest blogger on Positive Grace, but I’ve followed Laura Christianson for a long time. She always has interesting tips and tricks to teach us how to “blog” better.

How important is a blog as a sales tool for your brand or book? Can you bang out a post and hit “Publish,” or do you need to edit your blog posts with the same care you’d edit a book chapter or magazine article?

Laura Christianson, owner of the online marketing company, Blogging Bistro, shares her thoughts in “Why bother editing a blog post? After all, it’s ONLY a blog!” Click to read her entire blog: Why Bother Editing A Blog Post …

Laura helps business professionals enhance their relationship marketing through websites, blogs, and social media. The author of three books and thousands of articles, Laura lives in the Seattle area with her husband and their two young adult sons.

Email me if this post has hit a nerve with you–I am now offering a deal on blog-editing. I see way too many blogs go out that would be fabulous if the errors in grammar, punctuation, and usage weren’t so glaring.


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