Will Accidents cause a Permanent Vacancy? Katy Lee

Deb’s Dozen: Gretchen’s determined be independent. Someone’s determined to stop her. Will they succeed?

Step into a new contemporary romance by Katy Lee. Gretchen Bauer has had it. She is tired of being controlled by other people. She is bound and determined to start over on her own and to live independently. She starts trying to renovate an old Victorian House on Stepping Stones Island and to turn it into a bed and breakfast. She has signed a contract with a TV reality show, Rescue to Renovation, in order to get the job completed quickly without using up all of her resources.

Arriving at the site of the future Morning Glory B&B, Gretchen finds a Public Hearing Notice nailed to the door frame. She’s confident that her nemesis is behind the notice and determined to wreck her chances. Angry at the attempted manipulation, she is startled by a man’s voice—Colm McCrae, host of Rescue to Renovation, has arrived along with his cameraman, Nate, to start filming.

Accidents begin occurring—to Gretchen. First she falls through the floorboards in the foyer, then she has a large bundle of wood tumble over on her … why do they want to get rid of her? Colm, increasingly attracted to Gretchen, is determined to protect her. Gretchen is equally determined to go it alone.

I read Permanent Vacancy in one sitting. I was intrigued to see if Colm and Gretchen would each be able to surmount their own personal problems and get the renovation done on time despite the accidents. Katy Lee has done a good job of throwing in twists and turns and unexpected happenings along with a cast replete with several nefarious characters. Of the two protagonists, Colm is the more complex, but Gretchen is intriguing as well. You’ll enjoy Permanent Vacancy—and be surprised at the ending! Four stars.

To order Permanent Vacancy, click the link: Permanent Vacancy (Stepping Stones Island)

I was given a copy of Permanent Vacancy by Katy Lee in exchange for my candid book reviews.

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