Picture Perfect Love – Contemporary Romance (by Melissa McClone)

Deb’s Dozen: No picture perfect love for Jenna who’s jilted on her wedding day

After being rejected at the altar with her groom-to-be asking for the ring back, Jenna Harrison wants nothing to do with her ex-fiancé, Ashton Vance. To her unwelcome surprise, Ash unexpectedly appears on the doorstep of her home-based business, Picture Perfect Weddings, to apologize for his actions.

Asking God for the grace and strength to listen, she hears him admit she hadn’t done what he accused her of doing, then incredulously hears him ask her to photograph his sister’s wedding! He, in turn, is appalled at the expense and hardship his callous action cost her. After they both get over the shock of the meeting, he offers to pay for the expenses of their wedding and to pay double her price if she’ll photograph Amber and Tony’s wedding. She’s tempted, but turns him down.

Ash makes Amber and Tony come to Jenna’s so Amber can apologize to Jenna personally. Tony tells Jenna that he’s the one who wants her to photograph their wedding because he’d seen her work at another wedding. Finally, Jenna agrees—IF they’ll all three volunteer at her church youth outing AND pay her double her usual fee.

Will they come? Ash did pay the expenses they’d incurred with interest, so maybe this will work. Jenna is not sure that she should get mixed up with the Vances again.

Picture Perfect Love is a nice piece of contemporary romance. The characters are fairly simplistic and the plot straightforward with only one minor twist. You know from the beginning what will happen to Jenna and Ash, but the journey to the ending is enjoyable. Three Stars.

To purchase Picture Perfect Love, click the link: Picture Perfect Love: A June Wedding Story (A Year of Weddings Novella Book 7)

Zondervan Publishing and the Litfuse Publicity Group allowed me access to a NetGalley proof of Picture Perfect Love in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. Great review. I knew I wanted to read the book because it was Melissa McClone’s book. I enjoyed the review as well and want to read it even more.

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