A Refuge at Highland Hall – WWI – Carrie Turansky

Deb’s Dozen: A caring woman, a pilot facing the life-altering fight of his career.

A Refuge at Highland Hall is the third book in the Edwardian Brides series by Carrie Turansky. The first two books, The Governess at Highland Hall, and The Daughter at Highland Hall were excellent. I was privileged to read Refuge in a pre-publication version—and I can hardly wait to get my final print copy.

The characters from the first two books carry through to Refuge. You’ll get reacquainted with Sir William and Lady Julia (Governess), Jonathan and Kate (Ramsey) Foster, Mrs. Dalton, Lydia, Mr. Lawrence, and the other members of the households and catch up with their lives. This novel is Penny’s story.

The times they’ve been a changing. England is at war with Germany in WWI—the Great War—which has been going on for nine months. Penny is determined to do her part to help with the wounded soldiers who are convalescing in London. Jon Foster, Dr. Foster is a member of staff at St. George’s Hospital Military Unit—he tends their battle wounds but also arranges outings for them as he knows they need more than medical care to boost their morale.

While at one of these outings, Penny meets Alex Goodwin, a friend of Jon’s from India, who is training to be a pilot. Alex was injured slightly he said, when “the ground came up a bit too fast on my last landing practice.” The Royal Naval Air Service is England’s main defense against the Germans and the deadly bombing missions of the Germans. Although they haven’t reached London yet, zeppelins are bombing the English coastline and causing chaos.Graf-Zeppelin

Through a series of happenings, Alex ends up staying with the Fosters for a while. Penny is determined to guard her heart because the life expectancy for pilots overseas in only about six weeks. Will Penny succeed in her resolve? Will Alex make it through the war? How will the war impact the members of the Foster and Ramsey families and their staff at Highland Hall?

You’re going to love this concluding story in the Edwardian Brides series. Nineteen-year-old Penny has long been one of my favorite characters. You’ll enjoy watching her mature as she faces the wartime challenges. This is a wonderful five star romance!

To pre-order your copy of this book, click the link: A Refuge at Highland Hall: A Novel (Edwardian Brides)

I caught up with Carrie Turansky at the recent International Christian Retail Show in Orlando. My experience with her writing has been the Highland Hall books, but she has written fourteen books with Barbour Publishing and Love Inspired Books.

An editor friend suggested the series in 2012. Carrie liked the era and decided to take her advice. She found the effects of the war on the British people of that era fascinating and their courage inspiring. Much of the story is inspired by the biography of the pilot who first brought down one of the infamous zeppelins.

When I asked her what she had learned about herself while writing Refuge, she told me that it reaffirmed that she loved England and that she also found depending on the Lord to assist her to get the work done on time was critical.

Carrie is married to Scott, a pastor at Calvary Chapel, and author of many parenting books. They have five children and four grandchildren. Carrie was an art major and loves to garden and learn about eating healthier. She says she’s an introvert so writing suits her. They’ve lived in Oregon, Hawaii (for eight years), and are now in New Jersey.

She hopes people will take away from her books the realization and knowledge of God’s faithfulness—that He can take devastation and turn it around for good.


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  1. Great interview of a great author! REFUGE is one of Carrie’s best! Not only is there a beautiful romance, but some very exciting aerial scenes with Alex. You won’t be able to put it down!

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