Forgiven, Favored, & Free: Living as Sons and Daughters of the King

Deb’s Dozen: Forgiven, Favored, & Free: Living as Sons and Daughters of the King.

Forgiven, Favored, & Free is a worthy follow-up to Jill Tomlinson’s book No More Lies. Jill tells us beautifully how valued we are by our God. She goes on to tell us just how to appropriately live because we are His. I find it sad so many people don’t know how to be free in their Christian walk—people who are tied up in “do’s” and “don’ts.” People who are unaware of the freedom we have because of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Jill tells us, “As God’s child, you are forgiven, favored, and free—whether you realize it or not.”

We are created for intimacy with the Lord. “God loves intimacy with His sons and daughters; He always has. Separation from His children was never His plan.” We all know the story of Adam and Eve—their sin separated us from God, but the sacrifice of Jesus and His resurrection has restored us to that intimate walk. “He wants good things for you and He wants you to come to Him just to hang out.” Jill goes on to explain that we can hang out with Him anytime and anyplace—on our knees, in the car, doing dishes, walking on the beach—anywhere!

Through chapters such as “Starting Where Jesus Finished” and “The Power of Wisdom and Protection,” Jill takes us on the journey to realizing Whose we are and who we are because of Him. She teaches us about caring for the earthly bodies we have along with caring for our hearts and souls. She tells us of the authority we’ve been given and how to pray effectively.

If we seize our Freedom, realizing we are Forgiven and Favored, we can have victory and peace no matter our circumstances. Jill takes us on this journey through Scripture and wisdom. If you’re yearning for a more intimate relationship with God, read Forgiven, Favored, & Free: Living as Sons and Daughters of the King. Four stars.

I asked Jill how she came to write her two books: No More Lies and Forgiven, Favored, & Free. She told me she had a radical encounter with Jesus after she had been sexually abused. She realized she was living the lies and birthed a desire to help others to be free. In No More Lies, she tells us God is always moving us forward from glory to glory, but He can only take us as far as we’ve gone. No More Lies is an uprooting of ourselves from where we’ve been buried. She wrote Forgiven, Favored, & Free to teach us how to pick up the abundant life.

Jill was raised in Georgia, but has moved to Colorado. She and her husband, Jimmy, a street evangelist have founded Transcend Ministries—they have a passion to empower people to move forward in their lives with Christ. The Tomlinson’s have four “amazing” children: two daughters, a son, and a son-in-law. Jill likes cooking and golf and travel, but most of all she loves people and wants them to be free and living abundantly.

Carpenter’s Son Publishing gave me copies of No More Lies and Forgiven, Favored, & Free in exchange for my candid review.

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