Double Header Hits It Out of the Park!

Deb’s Dozen: Baseball, Sibling Rivalry, Snappy Repartee, Mystery–Double Header Hits a Home Run!

Double Header by Clarice G. James is a most delightful debut novel that will be enjoyed by both guys and gals. Siblings Casey Gallagher and Griffin McGee write a sports column titled “Double Header” noted for their bickering back and forth as well as snappy repartee. Casey also works for a marketing company, and her husband, Sam, is a police officer. Griffin, a school teacher and coach, is married to Jillian, who is expecting their first child.

Off to their traditional stint at spring training watching the Boston Red Sox, Casey and Griffin are entranced by the pitcher-catcher team from South Boston, Mike Hennessey and Darin Flynn, dubbed by our trio, The Irish Twins. After the first day’s workout, the duo heads to a golf course to play nine holes. Griffin comes back with a tee time to Casey’s amazement and …with the Irish Twins themselves.

Back at work at both their day jobs and their columns, Casey receives a letter that spins her world worse than a close pitch. What should she do? The letter’s contents concern her family—how does she determine the truth—and does she tell them?

As Casey is working her way through the dilemma, she and Sam must come to grips with Casey’s unhealthy mourning of her dad’s death as well as the current state of their marriage and goals. Griffin and Jillian have the whole morning sickness what are we going to do now do we want to know the sex of the baby thing going on. On top of their day jobs and personal lives, their agent, Roberta, is nagging them about the future of “Double Header” … are they going to expand, do more TV and radio, write those sports biographies … or are they going to just keep schlepping along.

You’ll absolutely love Casey Gallaher—the story is told from her point of view—and her wacky wit. I giggled and laughed out loud several times while reading. And Griffin is a typical younger brother. The Irish Twins are a delight as are Casey’s husband, Sam, and his protégé, Tommy Colletti. If you happen to be a Bosox fan and know the area, you’ll love all the local references. If not, you’ll still love the story, the mystery, and the repartee. Clarice James has knocked it out of the park with Double Header—five stars! Buy it now!

Double HeaderClarice James loves to read and write contemporary and historical women’s fiction (although Double Header is fun for both sexes). Years of writing for business and ministry have finally yielded to the fun of writing fiction. Clarice and her husband, David, live in southern New Hampshire. Together they have five married kids and ten grandkids. Find out more about Clarice at


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