Spiritual Gifts Are Alive in the World Today

Deb’s Dozen: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Are Alive in the World Today

James Goll has written a fascinating book entitled Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today. James is a deep and fascinating man I had the opportunity to meet and interview in 2015. He is the co-founder of Encounters Network, an organization “dedicated to changing lives and impacting nations by releasing God’s presence through prophetic, intercessory, and compassionate ministry.”

Although I believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit did not end with the Apostolic Era, I do not classify myself as either pentecostal or charismatic. I believe God through the work of the Holy Spirit gifts individuals at various times and with various gifts to meet his purposes.

In his book, James explains the gifts and how he believes we can claim them. First he provides an overall introduction to spiritual gifts: what they are, how he believes the Holy Spirit moves in gifting us, and how we can grow in our ability to exercise these gifts. The book goes on to examine Revelatory Gifts, Power Gifts, and Vocal Gifts: Gifts that reveal, do, and speak respectively.

I was impressed with several sections of the book. In the section on healing, James expresses that Communion—the Lord’s Supper—can be an instrumental part of healing. He had previously related healing is not just physical healing, which most people think about when they hear “healing,” but also can be emotional or spiritual. I loved the way he wrote about Communion:

When you partake of the Lord’s Supper, you are proclaiming what the Lord has done through His death and resurrection. You receive the cleansing of forgiveness, and you forgive others. You rejoice in the fact that Jesus’ blood has triumphed over the power of the Evil One. You receive and give mercy, proclaim life over yourself, and resubmit yourself to the lordship of Jesus. What could be more health-promoting than that? The Lord’s Supper is the meal that heals.

Goll discusses whether one gift is better than another or more desirable. But, as he says, “the best gift is always going to be the one that is needed at the moment … Miracles are gifts. You do not earn them … they are demonstrations of the depth of God’s love.”

You will be intrigued and educated by this discourse. You will be challenged to rethink your position about spiritual gifts. You will gain an increased appreciation for the greatness of our God and his love for us. Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today will be a good addition to your reference shelf. Four Stars.

James closes the book with a prayer for all of us—I leave his words with you as well:

Father, as we close this study about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, inspire each believer with the hope that his or her life matters. Bring divine appointments to these friends who have read this book. Lord may You be magnified in all we do and say. Let the fragrance of Christ be released through our lives and impact all of our family members. Empower us as never before so that Jesus Christ will receive the rewards for His suffering. We thank You for the days in which we live, and we declare, “The best is yet to come!”

JamesGollFind more about James Goll and his ministry at encountersnetwork.com. Whittaker House gave me a copy of Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today in exchange for my unbiased review.

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