Healed, Healthy, and Whole: Miraculous Hope

Deb’s Dozen: Healed, Healthy, and Whole: Good Medicine, Great Research, and God’s Marvelous Miracles.

In June of 2012, Marion Pyle’s husband, Russell, was diagnosed with an especially malevolent variety of bladder cancer. Devastated by his prospects, the couple decided to fight—to fight by every means possible. They met with a specialist; a surgeon who would operate to remove the tumor. As all of us would, they gathered their resources and waited.

On the day of the operation, the surgeon located them in the cafeteria—in fact, they saw him there when they thought he was still operating on Russell. The doctor came to talk with Marion and the friends with her supporting her with her presence and with prayer. Very unprofessionally, he showed them pictures of the surgery.

By the third day after surgery, the catheter he was required to wear began to hurt, and he began to bleed. They searched for another surgeon and found one of the best. But they would have to wait: Russell needed to heal completely after the first surgery before the new doctor could operate again.

They gathered friends and stormed the gates of heaven. They researched and collected information on alternative treatments. They began to eat healthier and more natural foods as well as to exercise as Russell was able. They signed up for several of the alternative treatments.

God is always good. You will want to read the story of the journey the Pyle’s undertook. Healed, Healthy and Whole is a narrative of health and healing and wholeness, yes, but most of all, hope in God’s miraculous powers. I was encouraged and uplifted by reading the steps they took in their fight against this malicious malignancy. Three stars plus!

Healed, Healthy, and WholeMarion M. Pyle is an award-winning author, producer, and television host. She has appeared on the Joni Lamb show, the 700 Club, the Dove network, and American Family Radio among others. She is also a popular speaker, media trainer, and presentational speaking coach. Marion and Russell live in southern California.

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