The Prayers of Friends Are Sweet

Deb’s Dozen: The prayers of best friends can surmount many obstacles and odds.

Shirley Amendt has another cute and edifying children’s story written in verse, Best Friends Forever: How Anna’s Prayer Was Answered. Anna and her best friend Leah were out playing far beyond the time they were supposed to come in for dinner. Leah is injured and Anna blames herself. She thinks she could have prevented the accident if only she’d done the right thing—what she knew she should do.

Leah does not recover and gets worse and worse—to the point of near death. Her father Jairus begs the Prophet, Jesus, to come help his little girl. Though the story is known to most adults, children will thrill to the suspense of the story. And the teaching points are good.

If you have young grandchildren or children, you should definitely get Best Friends Forever to read to them. You and they will enjoy the experience.

The illustrations by Kimberly Merritt, are beautiful and add to the enjoyment of the story. Five stars for kids.

Shirley Amendt lives in Watertown, SD, and began writing children’s verse-stories at the urging of friends. All proceeds from the sale of her work go to help Windswept Academy, a non-denominational -Christian school for native-American children in the poorest county in the US—Eagle Butte, SD.

Shirley gave me a copy of her book in exchange for my unbiased review.


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