Voice In the Wilderness: A-1 Political Thriller

Deb’s Dozen: The USA Needs a Voice In the Wilderness of Today’s Dangerous Environment

I love finding a new author who I love immediately upon reading their book. H. L. Wegley is such an author. The first entry in his newest series, Against All Enemies, Voice in the Wilderness, caught my attention immediately and held me in thrall throughout the entire book. I kept putting the book down so I wouldn’t finish reading so quickly. Susan May Warren calls the book, “A terrifyingly real political thriller!”

KC Banning, a network specialist, has found President Hannan has an illegal entry into the nation’s security systems. She and her mentor, Sen. Richards, have uncovered Hannan’s nefarious plot to take over the US. As she goes to meet her mentor, she receives a text message to “UR being set up.Watch ur back, PL.” They discuss the situation and decide KC needs to get out of town and into hiding. As she lopes away from the Lincoln Memorial where they had met, she hears a single gunshot, realizes her mentor has been assassinated and that the situation is now Code Red.

Her girlhood friend, Brock Daniels, a writer and a Christian, has become the nation’s most-read blogger. His blog gives hope to a nation badly in need of CPR. He is operating out of a yurt located on the ranch where his and KC’s families used to spend the summer.

KC knows the only person she can trust is Brock—and heads west to their secret message site to find him. They’d buried a glass jar they’d promised to leave messages to each other in whenever they were in the area. KC is elated to find Brock is so close by. She’s now been labeled a “domestic terrorist” by the Hannan administration and is literally running for her life.

So starts a journey to both keep them safe and expose the tyrannical Hannan and his plans. Are they in their positions, with their unique talents, for “such a time as this?” You will want to buy Voice In the Wilderness (click here to purchase), a political thriller of the first order and join them on their flight and mission.

KC and Brock are very believable characters. I love how Wegley gives us the backstory in pieces so we can understand the obvious chemistry between them. Both of them carry burdens from the past they will have to surmount before they can admit the attraction they feel for the other. I found their struggles very realistic and cared from the outset about their eventual fates. There are twists and turns at every juncture—you won’t begin to figure out the ending. Both my husband and I give the political thriller Voice In the Wilderness five stars! I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

H.L Wegley served in the Air Force as both an Intelligence Analyst and a Weather Officer. In civilian life, he’s been a research scientist and then developed computing systems for Boeing for twenty years before retiring near Seattle. He is multi-published with a four-book inspirational series, two nonfiction books, and four more novels on the way. Contact H.L. at www.H.L.Wegley.com.
The author gave me a copy of Voice In the Wilderness in exchange for my unbiased review.

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