Sea Rose Lane–Where Hearts Heal and Love Blooms

Deb’s Dozen: Eric Comes Home to Hope Harbor-Where Hearts Heal and Love Blooms

Eric Nash has just been through a terrible layoff—a career he thought secure came crashing down. On his way home, he brakes suddenly to avoid an accident—only to crash into the back of a pickup truck driven by a feisty blonde. And to add insult to injury, he arrives at his childhood home only to discover his dad is turning the place into a bed and breakfast. And worst of all? The architect is that same feisty blonde!

The place he had come to for peace is instead chaotic. He’s constantly distracted by the noise and, to be honest, the architect, BJ Stevens, and her disreputable-looking work crew. What is a guy to do?

He heads to Charley’s to tell Charley he is home for a while. Charley is the proprietor of Hope Harbor’s famous taco stand, but also a painter of some renown. While Eric lived in Hope Harbor previously, he had taken painting lessons from Charley. As they begin to talk, Eric finds out Charley isn’t as rich as he had thought. When he asks Charley what he would do if his paintings stopped selling, Charley smiles and says, “Sell more tacos. There are always options. One lesson I’ve learned—worry doesn’t change tomorrow, it only robs today of its joy.”

BJ has found herself surrounded by needy people—the guys in her crew, the older lady she often helps—she’s involved with Helping Hands, a town program to help those in need. BJ has a vision for a program to help the elderly but keeps running into obstacles.

BJ and Eric continually cross paths, and Eric finds himself drawn into her life and the lives of those in her crew as well as those she helps. Will he head back to a career in law? Or will he stay in Hope Harbor to find love and meaning?

Sea Rose Lane brings back many of the characters introduced in Hope Harbor. I must confess, I am drawn in by the town Irene has created along with the quirky characters. Sea Rose Lane did not disappoint. You’ll love how BJ and Eric interact and how they end up entwined in the lives of the townspeople. You, like I, will want to return to Hope Harbor again. Four Stars—a very entertaining read.

Thin Ice

Irene Hannon

Irene Hannon has written more than fifty romantic suspense and contemporary romance novels. She’s received dozens of honors including three RITA Awards from Romance Writers of America and is ensconced in that organization’s Hall of Fame. She has a BA in psychology and an MA in journalism. She happily left her job with a Fortune 500 corporation to write full time. She and her husband, Tom, live in Missouri and enjoy exploring coffee shops in the area.

Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, gave me a copy of Sea Rose Lane in exchange for my unbiased review.


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