Golden Gate Chronicles-Book 3

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Through the Shadows is Book 3 in Karen Barnett’s The Golden Gate Chronicles. I have enjoyed each and every book in the series. This book follows Elizabeth King, a talented seamstress and concert pianist. Her family has been impoverished by the Great Earthquake where all their investments in property came crashing down. Or did they? Something nefarious seems to be going on. The young attorney, Charles McKinley, who comes to explain their standing, offends Elizabeth immediately by taking her for the maid.

Elizabeth has abandoned the piano to her mother’s dismay—but Elizabeth connects piano with her piano teacher, who seduced her and then informed her he was married. In her mind, she is ruined forever. What man would want an impure woman? After hearing about the plight of young Chinese girls who have been sold as sex slaves, she decides to volunteer at a home in San Francisco whose purpose is to rescue these waifs. Here the girls are housed after they escape or are rescued. They are taught skills such as sewing and music as well as other life skills. Also a talented seamstress, Elizabeth is hired to teach sewing.

Charles McKinley, working at his uncle’s law firm, is disillusioned quickly about the high calling of law. He is apprenticed to Attorney Spencer who views Charles as a threat to his own success. Charles soon learns his uncle is only concerned with acquiring wealth and power—not in seeing justice obtained. Charles is handed the King case to handle—and keeps running into Elizabeth.

How Elizabeth finds solace, comfort, and faith through her students and how Charles discovers his true calling form the basis of the novel. You’ll care deeply for the characters and ache for the young Chinese girls. Through the Shadows will sadden, educate, and encourage you as you read the story. I look forward to more novels from Karen Barnett.

Romantic Suspense Through the ShadowsKaren lives in Oregon with her husband and two kids. The Golden Gate Chronicles is her first series.

Abingdon Press gave me a copy of Through the Shadows in exchange for my unbiased review.

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