World’s Financial Markets–A Cascade of Dominoes?

Deb’s Dozen: A brilliant analyst, two scheming scoundrels, the world’s financial markets at stake.

Esther Larsen, a reticent but brilliant financial analyst, is very troubled. She and her team are the best and she is better than the best. She believes she has discovered a plot by her bank’s greedy president and its prime investor to make the bank rich at the cost of the crash of the world’s financial markets. Esther has never opened up to anyone other than her brother. But her brother is hospitalized in a fugue state and not expected to recover. Esther finally decides she has to share what she has found with the closest friends she has. What she discloses starts a domino cascade of events that could affect us all!

Davis Bunn has succeeded in producing a novel that will entrance, enthrall, entertain, and educate you while simultaneously scaring you to death at the possibilities. In today’s computer-driven world, where financial transactions take place in nanoseconds, the plot could very well happen. As always, Davis’s characters are well-developed, but flawed. You’ll love seeing Esther start to bloom from a personal as well as intellectual standpoint. You’ll love all his auxiliary characters too. The Domino Effect is one of those suspense-filled books you’ll not want to put down until the nail-biting finish. In my opinion, The Domino Effect is Davis’s best book to date. Five stars from me—my husband rated the book four-and-a-half stars because the story came to an end.

Thomas Locke Trial RunDavis Bunn, also known to fantasy and speculative fiction readers as Thomas Locke, is a prolific (over seven million copies sold) and much-awarded author. He has received the Christy’s Lifetime Achievement Award among many others. While he and his wife, Isabella, live part-time in Florida, he is also a Writer-in-Residence at Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford. Davis graciously shares his experience and wisdom at a variety of writers’ conferences around the country.

Bethany House provided me a copy of this book although I was in no way obligated to write a favorable review.

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