Forensic Artist & Serial Killer: Will They End in a Draw?

Deb’s Dozen: Serial killer stalking forensic expert—can she out-psych him and live?

Carrie Stuart Parks is a forensic artist and teaches law enforcement professionals. All her background and experience come into play in The Bones Will Speak, the second Gwen Marcey novel.

Gwen, working from home after life interfered with her career, has a nice life near the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana with her daughter, Aynslee, and her Great Pyrenees dog, Winston. Winston has a penchant for digging up and bringing home the most unusual things, but the object that tops all is a skull filled with bugs. If there’s something Gwen hates more than Winston’s trophies—right, bugs. Gwen calls the sheriff, who is not sure Gwen has not lost her mind. Typical Gwen, she is off to investigate on her own.

From the female skull to another female victim who looks much like Aynslee to a series of untoward accidents, Gwen comes to the realization that the killer is targeting her and her daughter. And off they go in a race to discover who the killer is before he can claim any more victims. Throw in a divorced husband, a savvy friend, and a prospective romance and you’ve got all the ingredients necessary for a neck chilling, spine-tingling murder mystery. Four stars.

Bones Will SpeakAs mentioned, Carrie is a forensic artist who has written/illustrated many books on drawing. She is a breast cancer survivor and began to write fiction as she was battling the disease. Her mentor was best-selling author Frank Peretti—she obviously learned much of her craft from that master of the macabre. Carrie is in remission from her cancer and continues to encourage other women following that path. She can be found on Facebook at CarrieStuartParksAuthor.

Thomas Nelson gave me an Advance Reader’s Copy of The Bones Will Speak, but I was in no way obligated to write anything other than an unbiased review.

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