Wounded Woman Meets Gallant Cowboy–Mystery and Romance Flourish

Deb’s Dozen: Wounded Woman Rides onto Donovan Ranch. Amnesia. Only Memory? Trust No One.

Matt Donovan is surveying his ranch when he sees a stranger on a horse riding toward him. Whistling the horse to him, he is started to see the rider is a woman, gravely wounded. Summoning help, never once considering not coming to her aid, Matt starts a trail that will lead from the ranch to Glenpark, Colorado, and its sheriff to murder and a family.

They call her Cristeen, a name they find in a letter stuffed in a book in her saddlebags. She is delirious for days, but the doctor says she’ll live even though she’s lost a lot of blood. But how was she wounded and where does she come from? When she rouses a bit, and Matt introduces himself, her first question is, “Do you know who I am?”

As she mends, one thing Matt figures out quickly is that Cristeen is fiercely independent and has a great facility for working with horses. As she heals, he comes to care for her more deeply. In the meantime, the sheriff in Glenpark is investigating a death at a campsite not too far from town. Are they related—Cristeen’s wounds and the man’s death. What caused this situation? Who is Cristeen?

This is a delightful western romance with lovable characters and situations fraught with danger and doubt. I enjoyed Cristeen and Matt’s story–you will too. 4 Stars.

Tammy Doherty lives in New England on a small farm and her day job is that of a customer service representative for a veterinary supply company. She dreams of continuing her writing and bringing glory to her Lord.

The author gave me a copy of Celtic Cross, and I also purchased the Kindle version in 2015, but I was in no way obligated to write a favorable review.

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