What price to pay for love? Love seems to bring only grief.

Deb’s Dozen: What price to pay for love? Love seems to bring only grief.

Eliza’s mother has cancer. Her dad left long ago when she was five. She has an aunt and uncle who care for her, but she’s losing the people she loved the most. After Eliza’s mom dies, Eliza receives a call from the attorney of her deceased grandmother requesting Eliza meet with him. What on earth could this mean?

Independent despite her losses, Eliza ponders the meaning of the call. Drew Hillson, Eliza’s lost love, hears of her mother’s passing and comes to call to offer his condolences. Eliza realizes she still has feelings for him, and he realizes he still loves Eliza. However, Eliza cannot forget the hurt she felt when she saw Drew with another woman.

The attorney sends Eliza on a journey into her past. What will she find? What will she learn about her parents and herself? What will she learn about love.

Ashlee Kinsel has written a short, simple book about love—the love of parents for a child, of a man for a woman, of the love of God. You will learn of the great love that gives up all for family. You will walk with Eliza on her journey and come to care for her greatly. I was sorry to see the story end. Three stars.

A Sacred Silence is Ashlee Kinsel’s debut novel. She lives near San Antonio, Texas, and works with her husband in their ranching and wildlife businesses. They have three children. She leads a Bible study, and loves to write evenings after the sun has set.

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