A Journey of the Heart Leads to Adventure

Deb’s Dozen: He’s off to be a soldier; she follows to become a wife.

I was given three of the books of Colleen Coble’s Journey of the Heart series, and I liked them enough I’ll have to find the other three. This was the first series Colleen wrote and they were republished in 2015. They’re easy reads—light and predictable—and happily ever afters. Nevertheless, I enjoyed them.

Book 2, A Heart’s Obsession, begins the story of Rand and Sarah. After a misunderstanding, Rand heads west to Fort Laramie to be a “bluecoat.” Sarah, left behind, is hurt that Rand would leave her. When Sarah’s father dies, Sarah heads West to evade her brother’s plans to marry her off to Ben Crofter, the bounder who caused the problems in the first place. You’ll enjoy the story of her trip and her adventures once she arrives at the Fort and finds things not at all what she expected.

Book 3, A Heart’s Danger, continues Rand and Sarah’s story. Sarah is managing to survive in the hostile environment of the West—hostile because of the ever-present danger from Indians as well as the woman Sarah found Rand was engaged to marry. To top things off, who should arrive on the scene but the scoundrel, Ben Crofter. You’ll enjoy the machinations of Jessica, Brad’s fiancée, and Ben to mess up the lives of Sarah and Brad.

Book 4, A Heart’s Betrayal, finds Emmie Crofter, Ben’s sister, heading West to be a helper to Sarah. She’d been married, but her husband, Monroe, had died after only three months of marriage. Then to Emmie’s dismay, she finds out Monroe had another wife and a child—she is left with nothing but the few things she personally brought to the “marriage.” Now disgraced, she heads West to escape and to find a new life.

These are short, cozy stories to read. The characters are real and you come to care for them quickly. I’m off to find Books 1, 5 and 6! Four stars.

Journey of the HeatColleen Coble is a best-selling author with many awards and sales of over two million books. She and her husband, Dave, live in Indiana. You’ll want to read Colleen’s other series—her other series are even better and more intriguing than this, her first.

A friend gave me these three books, so I was in no way obligated to write a favorable review.

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